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UX CHECK: Run a Heuristic Evaluation on your website

Last updated on 08/07/2020

UX CHECK: Run a Heuristic Evaluation on your website
UX Check Tool

Meiby Yeras is an iOS Engineer with focus on User Experience and UI Design. She’s passionate about mobile technologies and user’s perceptions. Currently, she is studying a Bachelor of Science on Mobile Development at Full Sail University and collaborates on various projects at SQAadvisory.

UX Check tool

UX Check is a Chrome Extension that helps identify usability issues through heuristic evaluation.

Jakob Nielsen was one of the pioneers in the field of user experience. He focused on objectively evaluating the user experience on digital platforms. He developed general principles for design which serve as a broad usability guideline. These heuristics provide a format that designers can reference to perform a usability review.

We live in times where everything could be automated. So, what about automating heuristic rules?

That’s where UX Check comes in. It serves as an automated tool for Nielsen’s heuristics evaluations. The extension opens a side pane with Nielsen’s ten heuristics and allows the user to interact with their website. The user can select an element that doesn’t comply with a given heuristic, and add notes and a screenshot. When the review is complete the user can then export the document.

Here is a walkthrough video of how to use the tool:

Video of how to use the tool


  1. Bruno
    Bruno 28/04/2020

    Buena data, no conocía esa extensión. La voy a probar más a fondo a ver que tal resulta.

    Gracias por el post!

  2. Lisandra Armas
    Lisandra Armas 30/04/2020

    Muchas gracias Bruno por dejarnos tu comentario! Esperamos que te sea de utilidad! Saludos!

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